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Premium IOLs

An IOL, or intraocular lens, is used to replace the eye's natural film, usually following cataract surgery. Since the IOL's invention in 1949, several improvements have been made to make the device more comfortable and useful. These new devices, called premium IOLs, have unique abilities. Some take on the natural shape of an eye lens, or replace the vision-correcting ability of eyeglasses, or both.

Aspheric IOLs

Classic IOLs are uniform spheres. However, the human eye is far from uniform. These classic IOLs cause blurred vision, especially in low light when the pupils are enlarged. To keep vision sharp, aspheric IOLs are designed to match the natural shape of the eye. As a bonus, aspheric IOLs feel more natural on the surface of the eye.

Accommodating IOLs

Eyeglass wearers rejoice, certain premium IOLs replace the need for vision-enhancing accessories such as glasses and contact lenses. In fact, even classic IOLs correct mild near-sightedness. However, crystalen and toric IOLs can be made to order, matching your current eyeglass prescription. Note: While IOLs can be replaced, it is not advisable to do so often. Wearers of toric IOLs may need to wear eyeglasses if their vision changes at a later date.

IOLs, especially premium IOLs designed to fit the shape and movements of the eye, are generally free from side effects. However, they are not recommended for everyone. If you have a persistent eye condition, such as dry eyes or glaucoma, you may benefit from alternative treatments, such as glasses or intermittent contact use. Wondering if premium IOLs are a good fit for you? Contact an opthamologist today

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